Councillors Push for Electric Buses

Conservative-led Warwick District Council is working hard to tackle the environment, having agreed to a new set of air quality guidelines for the District. 

As part of this initiative, the Council will place a bid to the Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme in order to invest in a fleet of electric buses for Leamington, alongside revolutionary charging points.

Councillor Andrew Thompson, Portfolio Holder for Health and Community Protection, and Councillor for Leamington Newbold Ward, comments:

“The Health and Community Protection Team at Warwick District Council has been looking at ways to improve air quality in our district.

Transport is the biggest contributor to pollution, so all opportunities to reduce the impact vehicles have on air quality are being prioritised. We have worked with Warwickshire County Council, Volvo and Stagecoach to submit a bid for government funding. This funding would be used to introduce electric buses.

Initially, a number of electric buses would serve the No.67 bus route, which travels throughout Leamington Spa, improving air quality across the whole town. This particular route travels up and down the Parade and Bath Street, which are part of an air quality management area that we are aiming to improve.

If we are successful in our bid, then we’ll be delivering an innovative scheme, with Leamington Spa the first place in the country to have a system where buses are charged on the streets, rather than returning to the depot. I’m very excited about this initiative, which could have a positive impact on air quality in our district for many years to come.”