Cllr Alan Rhead

Alan Rhead is your current District Councillor for Budbrooke.

He is standing for re-election in the 2019 Local Elections.

Cllr Noel Butler

Noel has been involved in Aylesford since he moved to Warwick over 20 years ago and knows from his experience as a Town & District Councillor that a proactive Councillor can make a big difference to the people and environment of the ward. He wants to continue his work to ensure this happens.

Finn Kelly

Finn, 20, was brought up in the local area. His love for Leamington and the surrounding area were crucial in his decision to attend Warwick University. Finn wishes to represent the ward of Brunswick, where he currently resides as a student, and hopes his enthusiasm and energy can be used to benefit all those he represents.

Thomas Peake

Tom is 19 years old and studying Politics at the University of Warwick and has been campaigning across Leamington with Warwick and Leamington Conservatives since 2017. He is passionate about being a strong voice for Brunswick, not only for the vibrant community of students and friends he has there, but for long-term residents as well

Will Kingston

Will is a history and politics student at the University of Warwick.

He has been interested in politics for over seven years now, and wishes to give his enthusiasm and time by serving his local community and is keen to strongly stand up for the views of local residents in Brunswick.

Cllr Andrew Day

Andrew Day is your current District Councillor for Bishop's Tachbrook. He is committed to building community life in Bishop’s Tachbrook, serving as a dedicated and hardworking member of Warwick District Council since 2015. Andrew has vigorously represented the residents of Bishop’s Tachbrook throughout his service.

Cllr Gordon Cain

Gordon is your current District Councillor for Manor Ward in Leamington.

He is Chairman of the North Leamington Community Forum and is interested in all things North Leamington.

Shradha Badiani

Shradha has lived in Leamington for nearly a year now. She is currently studying at the University of Warwick and hopes she can use her skills to really bring her best to this position. Politics really is about the people and this is her chance to help represent the people of this ward. Shradha has several ideas regarding preserving our green spaces and making sure all parts of Leamington are suitable for all ages.