Cllr Alan Rhead

Alan Rhead is your current District Councillor for Budbrooke.

He is standing for re-election in the 2019 Local Elections.

Richard Taulbut

Richard has lived in Lillington since he got married seventeen years ago. His three children have all attended Lillington Primary School, and the two eldest are now at North Leamington School. If elected as your town councillor for Lillington, Richard hopes to help broaden the outlook of Leamington Town Council beyond the town centre, to the suburbs where most of the population live, especially in Lillington.

Robert Old

Robert has lived in Leamington Spa since 1978. He feels now is the right time to make a contribution to Milverton by being a diligent and hard-working local representative, responding to local issues and concerns, making things better for residents, and supporting community causes.

Alastair David

Alastair was born in Scotland and moved down to Leicester in the mid-1980s, before moving to Leamington 13 years ago. He worked as an accountant in Industry for over 35 years and retired 3 years ago. Alastair believes that he has more to offer, and would now like to make a contribution to local politics. If elected, Alastair would have the opportunity to influence the decision making of the Council and make Leamington an even better place to live.

Reuben Day

Currently enjoying life in Leamington Spa, Reuben has been an active member of both the Scouts and the Boy's Brigade for a number of years, as well as competing in rowing competitions at regional level. If elected, he looks forward to serving the Clarendon community.

Cllr Terry Morris

Terry Morris is your District and Town Councillor for Saltisford Ward in Warwick. It was an honour for him to be elected as a Town & District Councillor in 2015 and he would love to be able to continue to represent the residents of Warwick for the next 4 years and, hopefully, beyond. He will continue to improve our diverse town centre where business, residents and visitors needs all must be met.